Wow, Ian! What can I say to do justice to this amazing machine? It’s wood, metal and a whole lot of wizardry. It’s so good I’m actually having a hard time putting it down. I want to use words like articulate and resonant like all the posh reviewers in magazines. It’s all those things, and more. But most of all, it rocks. Hard! I love it and the neck carve is perfect. Thank you!

Now if only I knew how to play…

My other guitars just get left on the rack as the warm rich tone of the Bluenote pickup on the Elson through my Marshall amp just makes the Fender strat sound rather thin. I’ve got a Mule pickup at the bridge which is quite different but for the predominantly blues music I play it’s a great range of tones. If I was to choose again I’d consider two Bluenotes.

Hi guys – I’ve a P90 in the bridge and humbucker in the neck – huge tonal variety and things do warm up without becoming muddy if you gently roll the tone back – I’ve a few Gibson and Fender Custom Shop guitars and my ‘Elson’ more than holds its own

Basically, I live on the neck pickup. Mine is a Bluenote. It has just the right blend of chime at around 7 and growl at 9-10. I love having other options but I could be very happy without them. I play mostly bluesy edge of breakup stuff but can get beautiful, articulate jazzy cleans when I need them. Amazingly versatile on just one pickup.

I have P90 in neck, humbucker in the bridge . Love mine

I have the blue note in the neck which I really like Bareknuckle pickups sound great. Great guitar all round


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